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2017 Construction Photos

This is the site in early January 2017. Chuckster's has about five acres, which require much site work, and the moving of a historical barn off the site. 


The barn after it was jacked up in mid-February; now it is ready to literally roll a few hundred yards off the site.

March 8, 2017 During the recent warm spell, we were able to get much of the filling and compacting completed.

March 30, 2017  Site work is progressing. Well was installed last week. Site drainage work is largely done. Within a couple weeks now of building mini golf holes.

April 27 Gerry unloading another shipment of light fixtures

April 27, 2017  Conduits running all over the site to supply power to the many features we'll have. Gerry, our electrician, when asked how many feet of conduit he installed, replied "miles."

April 27  Prepping the foundation for the ice cream barn

April 27 Septic system leach field almost ready

May 3  Installing septic tanks

May 4  Installing infrastructure for one of the twelve ponds on the course

May 4  Work on the play-through cave has begun

May 10  First of the ponds was poured with concrete

May 13  Twin ponds that you will soon putt between; one is poured, one is ready to be poured. In background is the play-through cave almost ready for Gunite.

May 17  Cave was shot with first layer of Gunite; starting to look real!

May 17  Parking lot was paved with base layer

May 19  Setting up to pump concrete to the lowest pond on the course

May 24  Last layer of Gunite spraying onto cave; you will be able to play through the cave, behind a waterfall

May 24  Artists carving the Gunite to look like real rocks

May 24  Placing huge boulders while building one of many retaining walls on the multi-leveled course

May 24  Mark building one of many sets of stairs that will take you between levels

June 1 Forming the fairway for hole that leads into cave

June 1  Building the back of the green on a unique hole where you'll use a stream to reach the green

June 3  Framing of the ice cream barn has begun

June 7  The first of many truckloads of landscaping trees and plants arrived

June 9  The Harris crew continues to build holes from dawn to dusk. None of them are easy to build, as they are bigger and more complex than normal. Can't wait to play!

June 9  The "Cave" course is coming together nicely!

June 11  The bottom section of the world's longest hole is formed

June 14  These guys make it look easy to turn concrete into the fun playing surface we will all enjoy soon

June 16  Chuck making sure every detail is perfect

June 19 The Harris crew forming another cool hole

June 19 Justin's crew putting the roof on the ice cream barn

June 19 May as well use the crane to put the covered bridge in place

June 22  Spreading some of the more than 2,000,000 pounds of concrete into another cool hole; ice cream barn is almost closed in

June 22 Keeping the concrete trucks busy, building holes at an alarming rate

June 30 The ice cream barn is almost completely sided

June 30 The last of the retaining walls will be done today

June 30 Sculpting a hole where you will putt through a sheet of cascading water

July 1  Building the entrance to the ice cream barn

July 5  Not too many holes left to pour; goes fast when the crew works dawn to dusk seven days a week!

July 5  The "putt over a jump through the sheet of water" hole is almost done....and Dave built our gazebo in one day...

July 7 Smoothing concrete on another interesting hole

July 8  Pat gluing bricks down to line the fairways

July 10  Only a few days left of concrete pumping

July 11 Landscaping around the property edge

July 13 Moving loam to inner areas of course, in preparation for planting many trees and plants

July 14  Framing interior of ice cream shop

July 19  Mark building hole 19, your chance to win a free game

July 19  Concrete work is complete now. Chuck is now rigging the pumps and fountains in the ponds, almost ready to test the many water systems

July 19  Gerry has most of the interior electric roughed in; building customer service counters

July 21  Landscaping!

July 21  Testing the fountains for the first time

July 21 Preparing the plaza area where outdoor ice cream seating will be

July 22  Finishing up the nautical rope fencing around the many ponds. We said farewell to Pat, Justin, and Mike from Harris, who have been working seven days a week for eleven weeks! They headed  home to NJ for some well-deserved rest!

July 27  Carpeting is going down; crew from FL is here and will be joined by others to make sure it gets done in time

July 27  Fire Tower construction; you will tee off from inside it!

July 27  View from fire tower observation deck

July 29  Cave course is completely carpeted; starting Fire Tower course now

July 31  Setting light pole bases 

July 31  More testing and tweaking of water systems; hope you like the sound of fountains and waterfalls!

July 31  Glen installing video security cameras and speakers for outdoor music in plaza area

July 31  We've arranged to have a permanent rainbow

August 1  If passers by did not know what was coming, they do now!

August 1  Ray cooling off on one of the Cave Course holes

August 1  Installing fencing at bottom of Fire Tower Course

August 8  Interior work continues; outside is a beehive of activity as well...more landscaping, more cleaning, more everything as we wait for things outside our control to be done, like getting power hooked up!

August 8 Kitchen floor installation

August 11  Got our permanent power turned on today, made great progress towards opening next week. Turned on the lights for the first time tonight--awesome. Highly recommend playing at night!!

August 12  Next time you are on Rt. 93 just south of the toll booth, you will see this. 40 feet wide!

August 14  Roof is almost done and looks great.

August 14  Painters using the plaza area to finish some trim boards.

August 17  Paving top coat and striping all done in one day. Thanks, Hooksett Paving!

August 19 Opening Day! Thanks, all who came the first weekend, for your support and enthusiasm! It appears that the courses and ice cream shop are a hit. We have some finishing touches to complete the vision and make Chuckster's as good as it can be.

August 29  Finishing the fence between the parking lot and course

August 31 Fire Tower is almost complete. Hoping to be useable this weekend. Thanks for your patience!

September 16  Chucksters is fully open and has been enjoyed by many thousands of players already. It will never be "done," as we plan to maintain and improve it regularly and assure a miniature golf experience that can't be had anywhere but Chuckster's! Thanks for your support and patience and we look forward to seeing you.

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