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Chucksters puts the "fun" in fundraising! Chucksters can help
you raise money for your organization in one of two ways:

Your organization can pre-purchase golf passes at a 30% discount, then resell them at full price or more. Once the minimum of 25 passes has been purchased, you may purchase any quantity of additional passes as a reorder to complete your fundraiser.

Example: Purchase 100 rounds of golf at $7.70 each for a total of $770. Sell the passes at our regular rate of $11 for a total of $1100. You just made $330! Or start small and buy just 25 rounds of golf for $192.50, start selling, and buy more as needed.


Host a miniature golf tournament. This will require a little more work on your part, but some groups have raised over $5000 while having lots of fun! Here is how it works:

Chucksters is just the venue but we are willing to help however we can and offer suggestions and donate a few prizes also.


The funds get raised in three ways:


1. From player registrations. Chucksters gets $7.70 per player (regular golf price is $11), you get the rest; some charge up to $20 depending what else is included; t-shirts? snacks? drinks? ice cream? coffee & donuts? Some groups get a sponsor for these things.)

2. From raffle tickets sold; if you round up lots of prizes from various businesses ahead of time, many will purchase raffle tickets that day and it's also lots of fun to see people win things after the golf is over...

3. From selling hole sponsorships, just like real golf tournaments. Businesses can sponsor a hole; you can make signs to put at each sponsored hole (easiest way is to print out an 8.5"X11" sheet, put it in a clear sleeve, and tape to flagstick, which are located at each tee box on course)

Other things we've learned:


-A fun idea is to have "instant win hole-in-one prizes" at every hole; many people think they can't win a tournament, but anyone can get a hole in one if they're lucky, so it's fun to have 18 tries to win something. Again, the key is rounding up stuff ahead of time; whatever doesn't get won can go into the raffle afterwards.


-We recommend doing a "shotgun start," which means everyone tees off with their group on different holes at the same time, so they end at the same time. This works well so no one has to wait long for others to finish playing.

-Many people don't want to compete in mini golf; they just want to play for fun, so sell people on the good cause, the fun aspect of it, and the fact that they could in fact win more than their registration price back in raffle or hole-in-one prizes. And somebody has to win...maybe them.

Your to-do list:

1. Discuss among your committee and finalize details of your tournament.


2. Get a date on Chuckster's calendar for your event.

3. Assign duties to each person on your team and get to work:

   -round up prizes and sponsorships from the local business community

   -produce sponsor signs and install on course on day of event

   -make a plan to get the word out to potential players; flyers, emails, posters, word of mouth...

   -sign up players (getting their registration money ahead of time helps!)

   -be ready to greet and sign in players as they arrive for the tournament; sell raffle tickets

   -be ready to host a fun event, explain golf and tournament rules before they tee off

   -have a few volunteers to give away hole prizes during round

   -conduct your awards ceremony and raffle after golf; you will have use of the outdoor plaza            area at Chuckster's for your group



Contact Mark Blasko or Mark Lorenze for more information or to schedule an event.


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