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Five Scoops (too big for a cone). 



Three scoops of your choice of ice cream plus any toppings


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Thick milkshake from any ice cream flavor

Root Beer Float


Root Beer Float with your choice of ice cream and soda flavors...root beer and vanilla always works; try orange soda for a different treat!

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Reese's Pieces
Reese's Pieces
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Crushed Oreos
Crushed Oreos
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Reese's PB Cups
Reese's PB Cups
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Gummy Worms
Gummy Worms
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Whipped Cream
Whipped Cream
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Rainbow Sprinkles


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Chocolate Sprinkles
Chocolate Sprinkles


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Ice Cream Flavor Descriptions

(actual flavors on hand may vary)

Almond Joy: Coconut ice cream with butter toffee candy.

Bear Claw: A dark chocolate ice cream filled with chocolate coated cashews and swirled with luscious thick golden caramel.


Black Raspberry: Natural black raspberry ice cream; smooth and creamy.

Black Raspberry Chip Yogurt: Black raspberry yogurt with chocolate chips.

Blueberry Parfait: Blueberry ice cream with blueberry swirl and oatmeal cinnamon crumbles.


Boston Blackout: Chocolate ice cream with swirls of brownie batter and chunks of brownies.


Bubble Gum: Bubble gum flavored ice cream with assorted colored gum pieces; pink color.

Butter Crunch: Butter toffee ice cream with butter toffee candy.

Butter Pecan: Butter toffee ice cream with pecans.


Cake Batter: Cake batter ice cream with cake pieces.

Caramel and Sea Salt: Sea salt caramel ice cream with chocolate cookie swirl.


Caramel Caribou: Luscious toffee ice cream rippled with thick golden caramel and sprinkled throughout with chocolate caramel cups.

Cherry Vanilla: Pink vanilla ice cream with maraschino cherries.

Chocolate: Traditional rich New England chocolate.

Chocolate Cookie Monster: Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie dough and swirls of chocolate cookie crumb.

Chocolate Crumb Cheesecake: Cheesecake ice cream with chocolate cookie swirl.


Chuckster Chunk: Huge portions of your favorite chunks held together by a little bit of Vanilla ice cream. (kind of like Moose Tracks but with twice as many "chunks")

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl: Chocolate ice cream with a generous real peanut butter stripe.


Coffee: Creamy smooth classic coffee.


Cookie Dough: Vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Cookie Jar: Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cookie swirl and Oreos.

Cotton Candy: Cotton candy flavored ice cream with rainbow sprinkles; pink in color.

Cinnamon Roll: A creamy cake ice cream with cinnamon graham swirl.


Dinosaur Crunch: Blue vanilla ice cream chocolate cookie crumb swirl and swiss chocolate pieces.

Dirty Water: Columbian Coffee with chocolate cookie swirl and chocolate chips.

Fool's Gold: Caramel ice cream with chocolate cookie crumb swirl and Swiss chocolate pieces.


Graham Central Station: Graham cracker flavored ice cream with a graham cracker variegate and chocolate covered crisp candy.

Lemon Meringue Pie: Creamy and light lemon chiffon ice cream with graham cracker swirl.

Lemon Sorbet: Lemon flavored sorbet.


Malted Milk: Chocolate ice cream with caramel variegate and chocolate chips.

Maple Walnut: Maple flavored ice cream with walnuts.


Mint Chip: Minty ice cream with chocolate chips.


Mint Explosion: Green mint ice cream with mint filled cordial cups and a fudge variegate.


Mississippi Mud: Coffee ice cream with Oreo pieces and chocolate chips.


Mocha Toffee Chunk Yogurt: Rich coffee yogurt with fudge swirl and chocolate covered toffee.


Moose Tracks: Vanilla ice cream with mini peanut butter cups swirled with Moose Tracks fudge.


Orange Pineapple: Orange ice cream loaded with pieces of  orange flavored pineapple.


Oreo: Vanilla ice cream with crushed Oreo cookies.

Peanut Butter 180: Peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter swirl and peanut butter cups.


Peanut Butter Iditarod: Rich vanilla ice cream with chocolate peanut butter cups and trails of creamy Denali Peanut Butter.


Peppermint Stick: Mint flavored ice cream with red and green mint candies.


Pistachio: Pistachio flavored ice cream with pistachios.


Rainbow Sherbet: Raspberry, orange, and lemon flavored sherbet.


Raspberry Sorbet: Raspberry flavored sorbet.


Red Raspberry Revolution: Red raspberry ice cream with raspberry filled cordial cups and a fudge swirl.


Rocky Road: Chocolate ice cream with mini marshmellows and chocolate covered almonds.

Strawberry: Natural flavored strawberry ice cream with large pieces of strawberries.

Sweet and Salty: Vanilla ice cream with swirls of caramal sea salt and pieces of chocolate covered pretzels.


Upchuck: Puke green colored Cake Batter ice cream with cookie dough, white chocolate chips.


Vanilla: Creamy classic vanilla.

Watermelon Sherbet: Watermelon flavored sherbet.


Wild NH Black Bear: Vanilla ice cream with raspberry filled chocolate truffle cups and a raspberry variegate.